A – to – Z Decor Tip

“…you could mind your Ps & Qs too!”

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So the store is out of your initials, but you love the item?  Think outside the cabinet!

I have cherished these homegrown mugs since they first appeared at Anthropologie years ago.  I’ve given them for gifts through the years, and sang their praises for being the perfect shape, weight and design.  I was sad to see my old friends on clearance today which I am assuming means (GASP) the store will no longer be carrying them?  I scanned the shelf of remnants, and of course, could not find any initials for my name or friend/family members’ names.  However, I did find the faithful few which are usually left behind in piles in undesirable monogram land.   I love to give these forlorn initials new life and incorporate some quirk in my cabinet at the same time…X-Y-Z…I’d say that just about covers it, wouldn’t you?  So rush out to your nearest Anthropologie before they’re all gone, forever.  Hey, if you’re in luck, you may find a set of ABCs just in time for school, or you could mind your Ps & Qs too!

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